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The First Shareholders Meeting of Jiangsu Conod Medical Devices Co. Ltd.


Since its establishment in 2003, Jiangsu Conod Medical Devices Co., Ltd. has experienced 15

After years of hard work, it has developed into a world-famous disposable medical consumables system.

Manufactures, products related to urology, surgical kits, nutrition feeding, anesthesia breathing

Class and other seven categories, more than 1,000 specifications number, including urine bag production ranked the whole

The third place in the world and the first in China; In 2015, it became a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, CONOD

Be certified as a famous trademark of Jiangsu Province; In 2017, annual production and sales will reach nearly 600 million yuan, creating

Profits and taxes of more than 70 million yuan are the backbone enterprises of guri town medical equipment industrial park

With more than 20 enterprises in the industrial park advancing steadily!

Looking back on the company's growth process, we have experienced three major changes, and

Every change has brought about rapid development. Sino - foreign cooperation has been registered since 2003.

The capital company, Jiangsu menuo medical device co., ltd, was first established in 2007

Reform, withdrawal of foreign investment, conversion of companies to domestic enterprises, and re-integration of resources.

At the same time, it was renamed as Jiangsu Conod medical device co., ltd. and was sold in 2008.

Over 100 million yuan; In 2011, the company carried out the second reform and established Hangzhou Foreign Trade Company as the holding company.

Department, the establishment of sterilization companies, silicone companies, etc., the implementation of equity incentives, the formation of science and technology

The group development mode of integrating trade and industry has realized sales exceeding 200 million yuan. October 2013 Zhejiang

Jiang's medical insurance was withdrawn, the company completed its third transformation and became a purely private enterprise.

By 2016, sales will exceed 400 million yuan and tax revenue will contribute 38 million yuan. This time it will be

The fourth change of the company is even more significant. I believe it will definitely give the company

Bring about greater leaps!

Today, the inaugural meeting of Jiangsu Conod Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was held.

The logo indicates that we have taken the first step towards the capital market, which means we welcome it.

With new opportunities and challenges, we will establish the governance structure of joint-stock enterprises.

And according to the requirements of joint-stock companies and the rules of the capital market, organize our production

Operation, investment and financing; We will establish an equity incentive mechanism to allow more outstanding people

To become the owner of the company; We will accept the supervision of all parties, and at the same time use our own table

Now to attract the attention of the capital market. We will take this as our starting point and the new third board as our starting point.

The springboard, taking login to the main board as the direction of endeavor, is firmly moving towards the capital market! I

We should always adhere to the company vision of " building CONOD brand and creating a century-old foundation".

With the help of the power of the capital market, do a solid job in industry for the health of mankind.

Business service! Looking ahead, we will focus on achieving the 2020 sales target of 1 billion yuan.

The planning of a sales target of 2 billion in 2025 and 5 billion in 2030 will be adhered to.

Urological products as a whole, powered by high-tech and high value-added products

The first strategy is to make full use of existing resources to serve high-end customers and develop automation

Chemical and intelligent production lines to maintain steady growth of existing production and marketing; The second is in guri town doctor

Hatching coating water-containing urinary catheter, respirator and laser dental equipment in treatment equipment industrial park

Such projects as mass production promotion of mature projects and improvement of product systems.

To improve the profitability and competitiveness of the company; The third is to promote sterilization and testing services

The grade of the platform not only creates profits for itself, but also boosts the prosperity of the industrial park.

To lay a good foundation. In this way, Connaught will form a stable main business with sufficient stamina and competition.

With the good development trend, sales revenue and profitability will continue to grow

While enhancing its competitiveness, it will also lay a solid foundation for entering the capital market.


Today, the establishment of our joint stock company is only the first step. According to us

It is planned that the company's new third board will be listed successfully in 2019 and the IPO plan for the main board will be launched within three years.

Plan to successfully log into the main board market by 2023. We will use our strength after the listing.

In the capital market, we will develop more newer and higher-end medical industry projects and expand public services.

The company's influence in the entire medical industry has made Connaught stand tall among the world's first-class medical companies.

One of the companies! This means that there is still a long way to go in the future and there will be many difficulties.

Difficulties need to be overcome and more challenges will be met. This requires government and town leaders

Continue to give support to protect our development; Shareholders are required to continue to give it.

Understanding, trust and support; We all need to unite as one and work hard. I think

Letter, as long as we Do not forget your initiative mind, hone forward, will be able to ride the waves, real

Now our great goal.

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